You don't need to go far here to find something to do! Enjoy the beautiful beaches, take a walk on the cliffs, or go for a jog on the soft forest trails – the choice is yours!
Our nearest neighbor is the Åland Hunting and Fishing Museum, located just above Bodegan and the harbor. Explore the excellent exhibitions and walk the Geopath trail.
Within walking distance from the guest harbor is Käringsund Resort in the same bay. There, you can entertain yourself with mini-golf, rent bicycles, pedal boats, play disc golf, and much more! It's easy and convenient to make your stay even more memorable.
EckeröLinjen ferry is a five minute walk away and leaves til Sweden at
8 am, 1 and 6 pm every day. A two hour ferry ride with lots of fun onboard. Use the free ticket You receive upon checking in at the Guest Harbour.

Discover a day filled with family fun at SmartPark! The park is brimming with educational, interactive, and creative attractions and experiences. Here, children can drive cars, pet animals, participate in the "battle of Bomarsund" with water fights, navigate ferries, and much more fun! For an extra dose of excitement, challenge each other in laser tag at Spark laser arena. To get to SmartPark from the harbor, you can easily bike or take the bus.

A short 30 minutes bustrip takes You to Ålands capital city, Mariehamn, more fun experiences await, including Palleralla playland, charming playgrounds, and the child-friendly Maritime Museum with the beautiful Pommern. A day full of laughter and adventure for the whole family! Timetable for busses
ore info on what to do and see, as well as ongoing activities se Visit Aland and/or Aland.com

Discover Åland's rich culture! Within comfortable walking distance, you'll find the beautiful Eckerö Post and Customs House, featuring exciting exhibitions and crafts. After your visit, enjoy cliff bathing at the post jetty or the shallow sandy beach in front of Pensionat Havsbandet. 

Just a short walk away is the Eckerö Line's harbor, where you can cruise to Sweden and back in a few hours. Use the free ticket you receive at check-in and enjoy a nice drink, dance, and explore the well-stocked duty-free shop.

Continue your cultural journey by taking the bus to Mariehamn and explore places like the Maritime Museum, walk along the Sea at Gröna Udden and Lilla Holmen. Or venture further to Geta for a magnificent experience of the soft red granit rocks and the blue sourunding water. Going to Sund You may experience the historic Bomarsund and Kastelholm Castle.


Käringsunds Gästhamn
Gastropub Bodegan
Fiskeläget 44, Käringsund, Eckerö, Åland