Gastropub Bodegan

Gastropub Bodegan, located in Käringsund's Marina, invites you to a unique dining experience set within a historic atmosphere. The restaurant carefully curates select ingredients combined into a menu that tempts everyone, young and old alike. The quaint fishing village provides a cozy setting where you're almost sitting on the water, whether on our charming quay or inside our glass-enclosed veranda. Welcome to Gastropub Bodegan, where each meal becomes a journey 
and every moment turns into an experience.

    +358 18 38 530  -  info@bodegan.ax


Open hours & How to Book!

Open hours during 2024  i now available, more information here!

Easily reserve a table for groups up to 8 people by clicking the "Reserve a Table" button. You have the freedom to choose whether you want to sit inside Bodegan, on the veranda (enclosed in glass), or on the pier (outdoors).
To make reservation for a group +358 18 38 530
or send a mail to info@bodegan.ax
We do always confirm Your reservation, if You havn´t got a confirmation mail or message, Your booking might not be valid. We usually responds immediately.
NEW 2024 is our BAR that servs, Icecream, drinks, coffee and sweets. Salads and Sandwiches. For You conveniance when You need something quick or just easy going. Also from Midsummer and forward there is a small shop inside for Your conveniance, as we no longer have any Groceryshop in Eckerö.
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  • Smörstekt abborre
  • Verandan
  • Skagen Sallad
  • Heidi SC Lundberg
    Heidi SC Lundberg


Käringsunds Gästhamn
Gastropub Bodegan
Fiskeläget 44, Käringsund, Eckerö,
Åland Islands

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